Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boom! Studios: Planet of the Apes #2 Review

Boom! Studios Planet of the Apes #1 has gone to a second printing and it comes to no surprise because of how great the story and art are. I really enjoyed the first issue and have been looking forward to picking up Planet of the Apes #2 ever since finishing reading and doing a review on #1. Planet of the Apes #2 will be out this Wednesday, May 25th.

The second issue continues the Long War story with Part 2. Alaya is determined to find the assassin who has murdered her grandfather, the Lawgiver. Alaya's determination finds herself pardoning a prisoner, Nix who has great ties and friendship with the Lawgiver. Nix is a great leader who will create an army of his liking to find this murderer. He believes that the apes and humans should live in harmony as the Lawgiver believed in, but has little faith that humans feel the same way.

Skintown is the center of attention and home of the humans and the Mayor must work in full speed to find who is responsible for creating this old mysterious weapon that has killed the Lawgiver. Mayor Sullivan is concerned that the weapon was created in her own town and she must find it before it is too late.

I do not want to give away too much to Planet of the Apes #2. We are really enjoying this series and have definitely found a comic series we will continue to read. Daryl Gregory and Carlos Magno have got me sucked in with the great story and art.

Give it a try, I think you will enjoy getting "Your damn hands on this one"

Here are a few preview pages from Planet of the Apes #2

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