Sunday, April 3, 2011

Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLAND Continues

 I have always enjoyed Legos. I remember playing with them as a young child and as I have grown up, I still play with them, especially the Star Wars sets. 1999 was actually the year that Lego first began creating their incredible Star Wars line. I have been a fan ever since. Every year, Lego amazes me with their sets they release each year with new features. Being a big fan of Star Wars, 2011 is a tremendous year for Star Wars fans alike. On March 31st, Legoland opens its Star Wars Miniland and by the looks of the video it should make any Star Wars fan smile. In just a few months, Star Tours will re-open at Disneyland, creating more great news to fans. Star Wars is finally coming to Blu-ray later this year, and in 2012, we will see Star Wars in 3D. What more can I say to fellow Star Wars fans? Are you as excited about this year as I am??

Thank you LEGOLAND!

We hope you enjoy our Star Wars Lego videos that we have been releasing and will continue to release in these next couple of weeks.

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