Friday, April 15, 2011

MunnyWorld Mega Contest Entry - "Little Pigmy Big Shrunken Head" By: Matt Perez

Hey custom vinyl toy fans!  I'm late with posting this, but here is one of my entries for the MunnyWorld Mega Contest.  It is titled "Little Pigmy Big Shrunken Head".  I hope you like it as much as I am proud of it.  It is definitely my favorite custom vinyl that I've done so far.  As soon as Chuck La Douche and Just D informed me about the Munny contest, I had to take a break from Disney Vinylmations so I can focus on Munnies.  Here is a link to the site and page that my Munny is located.  I know it is not the best custom on the site, but please vote for and submit your Angry Koala - Pop Culture Zealots. Thank you.
Little Pigmy Big Shrunken Head

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