Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kaboom! Comics: Space Warped #1

Can you really ever get enough of Star Wars related stories? Do you love Spaceballs or Robot Chicken? Well, Kaboom! is joining the team of Star Wars parodies available to fans in a two-issue miniseries that will begin this June. We are huge Star Wars fans, so I will definitely be picking up Space Warped #1 through Boom! Studios all ages line, Kaboom! Here is the cover and a sneak peek of a few pages from Space Warped #1

Far away, in a land long ago...there was an orphaned farm kid with daddy issues trying to rescue an orphaned princess unaware of her daddy issues! In the tradition of ROBOT CHICKEN: STAR WARS and SPACEBALLS comes a loving, affectionate parody of the greatest science fiction franchise of all time! The first of a two-issue mini-series, this is a fan-pleasing romp that skewers one of the greatest adventure stories ever!

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