Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disney Launched Star Tours Page on Facebook

Who is looking forward to the re-opening of Star Tours? I know that I am and in just a little over a month on, May 20th, Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, fans will get the first opportunity to experience the new Star Tours 3D. On June 3rd, Disneyland in California will get its grand opening for the Star Tours 3D ride. I am somewhat surprised that it is not opening up first in California since this is where the original Star Tours first originated. 

There had been many rumors of where the ride would be taking place in the Star Wars Galaxy, but the Itinerary has been given to where we will get to travel.  Disney just launched a Star Tours Page on Facebook and provided the great pictures of where we will get to travel in the Star Tours 3D.





I think we all knew about going through Pod Races through all the rumors the last couple of years, but I am very excited about traveling to Hoth (probably my favorite scenes of all Star Wars movies)!!

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