Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Angry Koala Gear Graffiti Brickhead - By. Matt Perez, 2011

OK, here we are.  Week # 3 for my customized vinyl toys.  I decided to take a break from Disney Vinylmations to work on a couple of other projects.  So I am showing you guys one of them, which is my Angry Koala Gear Graffiti Brickhead.  I made it from a blank Rose Art vinyl toy.  I am also working on my Kid Robot, Munny contest entries.  I will be posting those after the contest, so please keep an eye out for that.  Well here it is... "Angry Koala Graffiti Brickhead..." Hope you like it.
Angle 1 of 4
Angle 2 of 4
Angle 3 of 4
Angle 4 of 4

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