Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

In just a little over three in a half and months and counting, the San Diego Comic Con will be upon us. Do you know what that means? Unfortunately, hundreds of different exclusives from Comics, Art, Vinyls, and Toys (Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, DC, He-man, GiJoe, and we can go on....). In the next few months as news comes out, the Angry Koala Gear crew will provide you with the best information possible about the SDCC exclusives. This past weekend in Orlando, Florida, GiJoe fans had their annual 2011 Hasbro International GIJoe Collectors' Convention. Many new GiJoe figures to come throughout the year and in 2012 were on display.

In the displays, fans were also able to see this years San Diego Comic Con Hasbro GiJoe exclusives. We did hear of the Transformer/GiJoe crossover exclusive at the International Toy Fair in New York this past January, but we now learned about the SDCC Zarana exclusives. Normally, the SDCC Hasbro GIJoe exclusives are the same figure on the same card with two different paint jobs and one of the two being much more limited. We are going to see a change with actually Zarana in two style cards and two different paint schemes (Vintage and Cold Slither). 

Thank you to and www.cooltoyreview for the great pics.

Oh, and I had to add this pic because I thought it was a cool figure.

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