Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Steampunk Storming into AZ and Throughout the World!

This past weekend, Old Tucson Studios hosted the Wild Wild West Con-Steampunk Festival, March 4 - March 6th.

The Wild Wild West Con is Arizona's first and only steampunk convention. The convention and festival brought many fans from all over the southwest and across the US to share their love and admiration for the Steampunk genre.
What is Steampunk?  In three short words, steampunk is Victorian science fiction. “Victorian” references a time period and an aesthetic: the industrialized 19th century. Historically, this period saw the development of many key aspects of the modern world, and steampunk uses this existing technology and structure to imagine an even more advanced 19thcentury, often complete with Victorian-inspired wonders like steam-powered aircraft and mechanical computers.

 The Angry Koala Gear crew have become fans of Steampunk. The style brings back a very retro look combined with science fiction, which we really love. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I have noticed some incredible artwork that artists have created, Bjorn Hurri. We did a blog post not too long ago on Bjorn Hurri's Steampunk Style Star Wars artwork and it is awesome.

 We really enjoy the new Aspen Comics series, Lady Mechanika, which is the newest creator-owned comic book series by Joe Benitez, inspired by the steampunk genre. Issue #2 will be released very soon and we are looking forward to seeing where this series takes us. 

The Steampunk genre does not only include fashion, art, comics, but also toys. I was searching for various Star Wars related Steampunk artwork and I came across a custom figure designer, Sillof, and all I can say is incredible and I became an instant fan!

This is just a few pics from Siloff and his site, but you do not want to miss what else he has created. Simply amazing! From what I am sharing with you now about Steampunk is just a small piece of what this world offers. If you have not had the opportunity to ever see the artwork, comics, or costume groups who are part of the Steampunk genre, attend your next comic convention and I am sure you will see why we have become fans of this genre.  

Steampunk is only one reason why the Angry Koala Gear staff are Pop Culture Zealots. 

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