Friday, March 11, 2011

JJ Abrams Summer 2011 "Super 8"

The Angry Koala Gear crew is really looking forward to this year's summer hits. We are going to be busy providing many reviews from Marvel Studios Thor and Captain America, DC Comics Green Lantern, Priest, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 2, Transformers, and many more great hits after looking at this years list. Wow, we are going to be at the movies an awful lot this summer. But the movie I have been looking forward to ever since I seen the few second teaser last year is Paramount Pictures,  JJ Abrams "Super 8". We have really enjoyed his great movies and television shows and he keeps us wanting more when we see his great trailers. What I like most about his trailers is that he keeps us wondering what is going to happen in his films until you actually see them in the theater. JJ Abrams "Super 8" will be released in theaters on June 10 and the Angry Koala Gear crew will be there to give our best review possible.

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