Friday, February 11, 2011

The Walking Dead Figures

McFarlane Toys announces they are going to make the Walking Dead figures. This is an incredible announcement and somewhat no surprise being that Todd McFarlane is one of the partners in Image Comics. The first series will be released in September 2011 and will include Officer Rick Grimes, Zombie Lurker, Zombie Roamer, and the sure to be very difficult to find figure Michonne. The first series will be taken from the fan favorite Image Comic book series and from the mind of the creator/writer, Robert Kirkman. The second series will include 4 figures from the AMC Originals drama series, which includes Deputy Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Zombie Walker, and Zombie Biter. The second series will be released in November 2011. McFarlane Toys has continued to produce some of the most incredibly detailed action figures, which include the Spawn line, Halo, NFL, NBA, MLB, the Simpsons, and many other lines. We will post pictures and more news of the Walking Dead line as soon as available. Rumors are that the NY Toy Fair should be releasing pics this weekend.

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