Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This weeks releases in Marvel Comics

This week is a huge for comic releases for Marvel comics and recently mentioned for Image Comics. Here are a couple pictures of comics that will be released Wednesday, February 23rd. 
Regular Cover to Iron Man 2.0

Variant Cover (Djurdjevic Variant Cover Edition)

Written by up-and-comer Nick Spencer with interior art by Barry Kitson and covers by Salvadore Larocca. The Angry Koala Gear crew is very excited to see how Iron Man 2.0 will evolve. Nick Spencer has created a couple of great original stories (Morning Glories, Infinite Vacation) and we have become instant fans of his work. 

Fantastic Four #588 is the final issue of the Fantastic Four as we have known them. Check out your local comic book store because there are many books being released this Wednesday, February 23rd.

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