Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sucker Punch

2010 San Diego Comic Con introduced us to Warner Brothers and Zach Snyders Sucker Punch. A few teaser posters were given away throughout the event and Gentle Giant Studios had an amazing display of some of the Sucker Punch merchandise that they would be producing. The movie comes out in just a little over a month on Friday, March 25th and the trailers and previews that have come out are action packed and incredible. Here is the latest Sucker Punch trailer from YouTube thanks to joemonster.org.

As mentioned, the SDCC introduced us to Sucker Punch and Gentle Giant Studios had amazing statues and merchandise on display. So far, Gentle Giant Studios has three statues in production and are available for preorder on their website. Here are a few pictures of the upcoming statues, courtesy of wetacollectors.com

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