Monday, February 21, 2011

New Tonner Arrivals

TONNER does it again with their new releases. TONNER is known for their high quality and detailed dolls. They continue their tradition for the recent Alice in Wonderland movie. Fans of the movie Alice in Wonderland can order the pair of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum dolls. They stand 8.5 inches tall and are $374.99. TONNER also has the Alice, White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter in his FUTTERWACKEN outfit.

Not a fan of Alice in Wonderland?  Perhaps you would like the DC Stars Collection from TONNER. Fans of DC comics have some great characters to look forward to in the DC Stars line. There are currently nine to choose from in the DC Stars Collection. A couple to choose from are Raven (shown below).

Raven is 16 inches tall and is available for $199.99. Another figure to note in the DC Stars Collection is the 22 inch tall Wonder Woman. This beautiful doll comes with her golden lasso, faux leather belts, bracers and boots. Did I mention she is 22 inches tall? One thing that she does not come with is the invisible airplane.  The price to order this Amazonian beauty is $349.99.

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