Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marvel Announces that Spiderman will be joining the Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four #587 was released on January 26, 2011. This is the day Marvel Fans would learn that a famous character would be departing the Marvel Universe, "Johnny" Human Torch Storm who was part of the Fantastic Four. The issue came in a special black sealed bag with a Big "3" and we thought that the team would later be known as the Terrific 3. 

In a huge press release on February 9th, Marvel announced some very big news. Well, the Fantastic Four would be no more, right? Spider-Man has had a big part in helping the Fantastic Four in the past and what could be more of a surprise then Spider-Man joining the team to form a group known as the Future Foundation (FF). The FF #1 will go on sale in March, 2011 and will include a few covers. Below are two of the covers that released in Marvel's press release last week. 

Marvel has released another press release today that ties Spider-Man into the FF team. In issues Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659, we will see how Spider-Man will tie into his new team.  Both covers are below with information on the prices and release dates of the FF#1, and the Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659, which will be on sale in April 2011.

I will be honest about the press release last week,  I was not sure I liked the look of the new white costumes for the Fantastic Four or the new white Spider-Man suit. After today's Marvel press release and seeing the Amazing Spider-Man covers I feel a little more positive about seeing this change in the Marvel Universe.

FF #1 (JAN110748)
Pencils and Cover by STEVE EPTING
Variant Cover by DANIEL ACUNA
Variant Cover by STAN GOLDBERG
Character Variant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary Variant by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Blank Cover Also Available
Rated A…$3.99
FOC – 2/28/11, On Sale 3/23/11

Written by DAN SLOTT
Rated A .$3.99
FOC-3/21/11, On-Sale-4/13/11 

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils and Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
Rated A .$3.99
FOC-4/4/11, On-Sale-4/27/11 

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