Monday, February 21, 2011


Angry Koala Gear just visited the Kidrobot store in LA on Melrose Ave. Kidrobot is probably the most popular and well known for designer vinyls, original art, blind boxes, and apparel. Kid Robot was lucky to get the licenses to the Simpsons, Futurama, and the newly released, February 17th, Family Guy for their blind box mini figure products. 

The thrill of the blind box can be somewhat exciting and somewhat frustrating. I wonder if we can say that Cracker Jack started the blind box? There are many levels in the blind box toys where they sometimes give you the odds of getting certain characters to their mystery chase figures that may be extremely rare at times making these figures very valuable. We picked up four Family Guy figures and we were lucky to not buy a double, but we were not lucky enough to find one of the chase figures.

Here are a few other Kidrobot items that were available at the Kidrobot LA store. 

As mentioned in a previous Angry Koala Gear blog, if you visit Los Angeles, you should try to make a stop on Melrose Ave. to visit the Kidrobot store, Toki Doki, Munky King, and Golden Apple Comics. If you enjoy custom designer vinyl toys as the Angry Koala Gear crew do, then you will enjoy making this stop on Melrose. 

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